Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

If you're unhappy with the look of your smile because of the way your gum tissue sits on your teeth, we can help!

We offer a number of periodontal plastic surgery procedures to correct gummy smiles, uneven gum lines, long teeth, exposed roots and indentations in the gum tissue and jawbone. Did you know periodontists are like the plastic surgeons of dentistry? We have years of experience and training that allows us to perform these services with safety, precision, and lasting results.

Gummy smile or uneven gum lines - This procedure involves removing excess gum tissue in the mouth to even out the gum line and expose teeth that might be covered too much by the gum tissue.

Long teeth or exposed roots - When gum recession occurs, tooth roots often become exposed making teeth look long. This treatment involves covering exposed roots to combat gum recession and protect the tooth from sensitivity and potential decay.

Indentations in the gums and jawbone - When a tooth falls out, the gum tissue and jawbone can be left with an indentation where the tooth used to sit. This can be awkward looking and cause the replacement tooth to look less natural in appearance. We can correct this problem by filling in the indented gum tissue and placing a new, natural-looking tooth.


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