Ridge Preservation

Ridge Preservation

When periodontal disease, infection or bone loss have occurred, tooth removal may be required.

Once a tooth has been removed, we often discover that the bone socket that once held the tooth in place has experienced shrinkage and damage due to the periodontal disease or infection. Even with an intact socket, bone volume may shrink quickly in the first year without a tooth present. Shrinkage of the bone can leave the hard and soft tissues in bad shape making it difficult for implants and other restorative treatments to be possible.

We can prevent and repair shrinkage of the bone through ridge preservation. In ridge preservation, we will place a bone graft material and a biocompatible barrier membrane in the tooth socket following tooth removal. Once the two have been accepted by the body and the site has healed, an implant can be placed. Depending on your individual circumstances, additional grafting may be necessary at time of implant therapy. Throughout this process while there is a missing tooth or teeth, we may also recommend a temporary restoration to maintain esthetics and function.


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